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Which circle best describes your location to the proposed solar farm?

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Which views or landscape characteristics in the region and local area are important to you?​

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Tell us what you value about the local area, what do you value most about the local area? Tick one or more.​

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What do you like most about solar farms, generally?​

Renewable energy generation
Local economic opportunities
Diversification of land use

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What concerns do you have about solar farms, generally? Tick one or more​

Community impacts
Visual impact
Noise, during construction or operation
Traffic, during construction or operation
Effects on land use or land values
Effects on recreation opportunities
Effects on natural areas and habitats

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What specific concerns do you have about the solar farm proposed at Nevertire?​

Reflecting local values and character We would like the project to fit in with the local values and character of Nevertire. Can you suggest ways that we might achieve this?

Ie – a competition to design the signage? Adopt a panel? Local viewing area?​

Nevertire Solar Farm