Epuron has been developing solar and wind energy projects in Australia since its formation in 2003.


Our track record includes:


  • Yulara Solar, providing 1.8 Megawatts of solar power to the Ayers Rock Resort at Uluru, Central Australia
  • Uterne Solar, providing 4.1 Megawatts of solar power to Alice Springs
  • TKLN Solar providing solar power to 3 remote communities in the Northern Territory
  • White Rock Wind Farm, with construction commencing early 2016
  • Gullen Range Wind Farm, the largest operating wind farm in NSW
  • Cullerin Range Wind Farm, the best performing wind farm in the NEM
  • Silverton Wind Farm, the largest proposed wind farm in Australia
  • the largest number of approved wind turbines and largest wind monitoring network in NSW


In solar energy, Epuron’s focus is megawatt-scale power generation in both grid-connected and off-grid markets. Its TKLN Solar project is currently under construction in the Northern Territory, ready to supply three remote communities in Australia’s outback.


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