Epuron Island GP, a leading renewable energy company, plan to establish a utility scale photovoltaic solar farm in Clermont, Central Queensland, Australia.  The  solar farm site is approximately 8km west of Clermont.


The solar farm site covers approximately 300ha in area and is currently used for grazing. It is zoned “Rural”. The development application, to be lodged in early 2017, will seek to rezone the land (“material change of use”) to allow a solar farm to be established.


The Clermont location has been chosen as firstly, this Region has some of the highest levels of solar irradiation in Australia; Secondly the site is within close proximity to the existing Clermont electricity substation.  In addition, the site is relatively flat and has good access to the existing road network.  Importantly, there will be very limited environmental impact.  The site is clear as it has historically been used for grazing.


Nevertire Solar Farm